Managing software subscriptions

Create, control, and track SaaS spending all in one place. No more subscription duplication or accidental SaaS payments. Enjoy up-to 1.5% cashback.

KlearCard is for anyone who forgot to cancel software before the free trial ends

(Hint, that’s everyone.)

Manage all software spend in one place

KlearCard allows you to create a Software Subscription wallet which gives each person on your team a unique payment card number. Worried about free trials? Set up a seperate wallet with a capped spend so no accidental charges occur.

Quick and easy approval workflows

Need approval for new software? Request and grant approval via a smartphone in real-time. Finance can track all approvals in one location and staff don’t need to send email requests.

Catch duplications and software you don’t need

When software payments are all stored in one place its easier to track and evaluate what you need or don’t need. Optional push notifications remind you each time a payment is made.

Switch now to spend smarter

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