Keeping business travel on budget

Travel is re-opening, is your business ready? Manage corporate spend on the go with full control on budgets and spend categories.

KlearCard helps finance admins save three days per month on average

Effortless bookkeeping lets your Finance Team focus on more important stuff.

Receipt and invoice capture

Each time you make a purchase or request an approval with KlearCard you’ll be prompted to add a photo or PDF of your receipt or invoice. These are then autosynced to your transactions page and accounting software.

Get quick approvals when abroad

KlearCard makes it easy for Finance Admins to review and check approvals with all necessary documentation attached. Requests and approvals can be approved and funded via smartphone in seconds.

Whitelist or block specific spend types

KlearCard allows you to create spending wallets to control travel costs. Set spend limits and select what kind of purchases are permitted.

Switch now to spend smarter

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